Our Capabilities


  • Design & Build
  • Progressive Die
  • Transfer Die
  • Blank Die
  • Insert Tooling


  • Weld Nuts
  • Weld Studs
  • Orbital Rivet
  • Vibratory Debur
  • In Die Tapping
  • In Die Threading
  • Assembly


  • Heat Treat
  • Plate
  • Grind
  • Paint


  • Hot & Cold Roll Steel
  • Coated Steel
  • High Strength Steel
  • Spring Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Martinsite


Industrial Stamping was born in a garage 60years ago. Hard work, smart decision making, commitment to our customers and vendors, Industrial Stamping continues moving forward. We are a family run business which means short chain of command, quick decision making, accountability and willingness to take risks with our customers.


Industrial Stamping is dedicated to being the leader in the stamping industry. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements will only be accomplished through professional, well-trained, motivated team of employees. We pledge our commitment to our customers, protecting the environment, community involvement and maintaining a safe workplace.


Industrial Stamping and Manufacturing focus is to be a Preferred Supplier. This means we must do what is right to help and protect defect free, on-time delivered product at a competitive rate.

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